THESYS Design is pleased to introduce their latest product collection, the TIKKII TAKKII line of candleholders at American Design Club's show BUILT during NYCxDesign.

Inspired by the song “Little Boxes” made famous by folk singer Pete Seeger, the TIKKII TAKKII collection of candleholders are designed to resemble the simplistic forms of pitched roof houses from children’s drawings.

The TIKKII TAKKII candleholders use two different types of baltic birch plywood “building blocks” in it’s design, “chimneys” and “houses”. Taper stick candles up to 7/8” in diameter are held in the chimney blocks, which can stack on top of the longer house blocks, which act as a rail upon which the candles can slide back and forth.

Offered in combinations of single, double, or triple, the chimney blocks can be used on their own to place soft candlelight anywhere, or combined with multiple blocks on the house rail to create one striking candlelit arrangement.

Handcrafted in our studio in Los Angeles, TIKKII TAKKII is made from 100% residual materials resulting from production of The BOHDII Collection, THESYS Design’s line of flat pack furniture.

In partnership with WIX, American Design Club opens BUILT at the Canal Street Market from May 11th to May 23rd, with an opening reception on May 17th.